Warwick Castle

Do you ever get that feeling when you just want to jump in the car and drive to see where you end up? This is how I felt recently, I had been looking at places I could visit and decided upon Stratford Upon Avon as I had a vision of relaxing with my book and enjoying the lovely sunshine. Unfortunately as i was driving the lovely weather soon turned and the rain started to come down pretty fast. Suddenly my lovely relaxing day had vanished and I started looking for an alternative place to go. Having spotted Windsor castle on the sign I quickly googled the postcode, popped it in my satnav and drove towards the historic castle.

After grabbing my umbrella from the boot I soon realised during the 20 minute walk to the castle from the carpark that I was the only idiot wearing flipflops and a short jumpsuit which meant not only was mud splashing up the back of my legs I was freezing cold! My ticket cost me £24.50 which was more than I was expecting along with an extra £6 for the carpark. I thought £6 was a ridiculous price to pay to park on a bit of grass 20 minutes walk away but you don’t have much choice until you drive up to the barrier. – you can pay a little more to visit the The Castle Dungeon but having people dressed up and jumping out at you terrifies me!

When I entered the gates I was immediately impressed with the beautiful castle and surroundings and observed children mastering the bow and arrow just below the castle grounds. I made my way towards the mill house and learnt how it was used to power the castle, how the staff worked and amongst many other things and then headed to the gardens were everyone was gathered under a tree to keep try watching an entertainment show.

My favorite part of my trip was climbing up the stairs to the towers and walking across along the top of the castle, the views were amazing and eventually the rain stopped and the sun began to shine! It makes such a difference when the sun comes out and although I still had to keep wiping mud from my legs and the grass was too wet to sit on to read my book it was proving to be a worthwhile trip!

After wondering around the rest of the castle and purchasing five peacock feathers from the giftshop I made my way back to the car suddenly feeling very exhausted and reflected on a lovely day out!

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