Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is a playground for both adults and children so I was excited when me and George planned a trip to London!  There are four main zones to visit which I have listed below and I think my favourite was seeing the dinosaurs, fossils and rocks/stones.

It’s not until you stand next to one of the dinosaurs you realise the sheer scale of them.  I mean they are HUGE…GIGANTIC….MASSIVE! To think they once lived on this Earth is just incredible!  It was interesting to learn how they evolved and to sort the facts from the myths.

When I was younger I used to collect rocks and stones from pretty much every place I visited so seeing this section of the museum was exciting for me.  I loved seeing the rock in it’s original rough form then seeing it transferred into a polished ready to be worn as a piece of jewellery and it’s mind-blowing to think what are in some rocks/stones and to learn the reasons why they have formed such a fascinating centre.

I found the Red Zone harder to walk around as the creation of the Earth just leaves me mind boggled! I enjoyed reading about the facts of each planet and I am so interested in the International Space Station but as no-one was alive when the Earth was ‘created’ it is impossible to say what really happened and their are so many different versions!  Although as time goes on they seem to have more concrete evidence but we will never truly know or I tend to find it a bit overwhelming!

I would highly recommend a trip to the Natural History Museum, be prepared for your feet to hurt and expensive food but it is well worth the visit.  The museum is free but they kindly ask for a £5 donation to help support it.

Blue Zone
*Fish,amphibians and reptiles
*Human Biology
*Images of nature
*Marine invertebrates
*Jerwood Gallery

Red Zone
*Earth Hall and Stegosaurus
*Human Evolution
*From the beginning
*Earth’s Treasury
*Lasting Impressions
*Restless Surface
*Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Green Zone
*Creepy Crawlies
*Fossils marine reptiles
*Fossils from Britain
*Hintze Hall
*The Vault
*Treasures in the Cadogan Gallery
*Waterhouse gallery

Orange Zone
*Darwin Centre
*Wildlife garden

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