Q&A 5 year diary 2016 – updated daily

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24/01 Can you believe a month ago today was Christmas Eve!! A couple of years ago I decided to start my own cake pop company which you can find here and it’s going great. I enjoy designing new cake pops, attending craft fairs, receiving orders and spend a lot of time on pinterest for ideas and in foodie shops!!


23/01 With a total of 6 months off work I have an amazing opportunity to do all of the things I’ve wanted to but never had enough time! Although having said that I feel like the time is going incredibly fast and I really should be making more of my free time!


22/01 I love seeing people traveling the world on my Facebook and it’s something i’d love to do but at the moment I feel happy saving my money each month for my future and taking one step at a time!


21/01 It’s only January and I have a lot to look forward to this year!!! I have written more about what’s coming up on my Daily/weekly posts page which will be live tomorrow at around 1.30pm!

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20/01 I am so excited to be seeing Nick and Eva Speakman on their ‘How to be happy’ tour  this year who I hope will teach me new ways of thinking which will help me let go of some of my grudges.  I am very loyal and honest with people and find it hard when I get hurt and move on from it.


19/01 The above are three foods which feature daily in my diet! For breakfast I had porridge made with coconut milk, blueberries and half of a banana, for pudding I had an apple. Lunch I had one piece of wholewheat toast with half an avocardo and a poached egg.


18/01 I am definitely not a morning person and love to have a lie in wrapped in my duvet and blanket! This morning I didn’t get up until 12 so I would describe this as peaceful! Also putting my headphones in at the gym to focus and block everyone else around me is peaceful!


17/01 Today I wore jeans, a grey long sleeved top and grey jumper. They are all pretty new but I would say my boots are top were the oldest.  My oldest accessory was definitely my blackberry which I’ve had for years!


16/01 I really enjoy saving money and it frustrates me how much I waste by buying things I don’t need.  I am quite an impulse buyer and need to plan more to avoid wasting it.  However I never borrow off people, I find it quite awkward and if I did I would always make sure I paid them back straight away.


15/01 If I had known today’s question before I ate my lunch I would have taken a picture!! If i’m at home I usually have poached egg on toast with avocado or what I call ‘box chicken’ in a wrap.  I call it ‘box chicken’ as it simply comes in a box and you simply just pop it in the oven.  Of course it’s probably better for you to grill a chicken breast and add your own sauce but sometimes you just want to pop something in the oven and forget about it until it’s done.  I absolutely love hummous so try to include it in most meals and tomatoes and spinach complete it!



14/01 I am a team player but I love leading a team to achieve personal and group goals!  I believe I have the skills and knowledge to lead them to success and have completed a leadership course at work to head towards my goal.

I also love following trends and enjoy following others to gain experience to develop my own goals and to learn from them.


13/01 I haven’t been aboard for a long long time so I am looking forward to relaxing in the Portugal sun this summer!! My mum would like to take me to Amsterdam to visit Ann Frank’s home and to see the sites either February or Easter half term! Since last year I’ve been desperate to visit St Ives, Falmouth, Torquay and Newquay!! I’m not sure if I will make it this year but I will definitely make it soon!


12/01 It was impossible to pick one favourite accessory so I picked three!  I am really into layer necklaces at the moment and I think they go great with a black roll neck jumper so I am regularly wearing these!  My leaf necklace was a bargain from Primark and my silver ring was a present from my mum from her holiday!


11/01  Don’t you hate when something just disappears? For nearly three weeks now I have lost a new jumper!  I have turned my room upside down, looked in the washing and asked all of my family if they have seen it and it’s a mystery!! Normally things turn up when you least expect it so I have given up looking for now!


10/01 I am inspired daily by people all around me.  Today I watched James Corden accept a BAFTA on television and it proves you don’t need to be loud, outspoken or put on an act to ‘make it’. Of course i’m sure James has spoken out to get noticed but he has worked extremely hard and is very humble and acknowledges he feels privileged to be where he is today.

Never give up on your dreams.  Go over and above with everything you do. Help people achieve their dreams.  Push yourself and do something out of the box, what’s the worst that can happen?  If something doesn’t work out ask yourself why, evaluate, understand and use it to your advantage to learn from your mistakes.

day 9

09/01 Usually my Saturday consists of going to my body combat class followed by a leisurely stroll into town with the boyfriend for a fruit shake and then often we go for lunch somewhere.  As today was the boyfriends birthday he actually made me breakfast in bed…a treat! (mainly because I was at his house) presents were opened then we wondered into town to get a shake and to tick a few jobs off the list.  In the evening we went for a meal to celebrate followed by a drink and I left him to carry the night on with the lads.

I like to have a little routine on the weekends, and in the week but i’m usually on my own due to friends being at work. It’s nice to say you’ve done something different and to create some new memories.


08/01 This is the day I tell you all about my guilty pleasures! I’m not a big fan of Justin Bieber but often find myself singing along to his songs on the radio and absolutely love ‘Love Yourself’!  It’s the same with One Direction they’ve had some great songs out especially ‘History’ and it’s incredible how far they’ve come since their xFactor days.


07/01 I found today’s question quite tricky and it started to make me think what makes someone lucky?  For me I think you are  lucky if you  win the lottery or find a £10 note in an old purse.  People may say you’re lucky if you pass your driving test first time, pass an exam, achieve your dream job or have a great group of friends around you….I personally think these examples are not luck and something you’ve achieved through hard work and dedication.  I’d be interested to see what you’d put?

6/01 Todays question was very appropriate today as it’s been a day i’d rather forget.  It was one of those days where everything went wrong!!! I couldn’t get the right ingredients so had to make a number of trips out, the scales then broke so I had to buy some more and to top it off my baking didn’t go to plan!  I always try to find the positive out of a situation so included a positive at the end as my abs and butts class went great!


5/01 Franks hamburger house is my boyfriends favourite restaurant at the moment so it’s our go to restaurant when we fancy eating out.  He always gets the bacon & brie burger and I go for the grilled chicken burger (without the bun) and chips!


04/01 Today has been a brilliant day and i’m glad I could document the two things that made it particularly great!  After a late night working on my blog I had a lie in and headed to Milton Keynes to take back two things, change a pair of trainers and to find something for my dads birthday in two days time! I was so excited to find a sausage making and bacon curing kit!! Read about my ‘dads gift guide’ here.  My second highlight of the way was picking up my brand new Canon G7x which I will use for my blog and for vlogging! At the moment it’s charging but I had a sneaky play and need to purchase a ‘how to use’ guide so I can use it to it’s full potential!


3/01 I really love reading but find it difficult to pick a book up which is silly.  Quite often when I do read I fall asleep so I want to put time aside to delve into my books!  I love the programme MTV Teen Mom so was intrigued to read a few of the cast members books!  I am also going to purchase Lord Alan Sugars two autobiographies.  I much prefer autobiographies but Dorothy Koomson is my favourite author!



2/01 I personally don’t think people can change.  I think people can adapt how they do, see or think things but deep down I think they go back to old habits.  I think it is wrong to try and change people as you should embrace them but I think you can deffinetly guide them along the way.  What do you think?  I wonder if I will think the same by the end of the five years!


1/01 In October I was made redundant due to the business closing, while I thought it may be something that happened in the future I did not expect to happen so soon.  Whilst I lucky get paid for a couple of months yet I am looking for a new role which will develop my skills and give me room to grow.  I feel quite nervous being on the job hunt again but always believe that things always happen for a reason.

This year I am determined to grow and develop my blog by carefully planning ahead and keeping consistent.  I have also just purchased a brand new camera which I hope to vlog with which is very exciting!

I am also in the process of saving to purchase my first house.  I enjoy saving my money each month and while I haven’t been able to save much over Christmas it is my mission to save as much as possible each month but planning how I am spending it.