On this page I will be sharing with you all of the things I love from day to day!


The dad gift guide

With my dads birthday just two weeks after Christmas it’s always quite tricky to think of ideas of what to get him which isn’t either a book or dvd (Although these are always a good safe option).  I thought i’d share the presents I purchased this year and have included the links below!My dad absolutely … Continue reading The dad gift guide

Bringing the Polaroids back!

How cool are these Polaroid pictures from @Square_snaps! I originally ordered some for my sisters birthday but after seeing the brilliant results I ordered some for my cake pop business! They are a brilliant and unique way of showing customers some of the cake pops I make and are really quirky. They’re simple to order, … Continue reading Bringing the Polaroids back!

Awesome Wrapping Paper

How cool is this wrapping paper from John Lewis!! It was quite pricey at around £2 per sheet so I only got two of each but I thought it would compliment my boyfriend’s birthday present’s perfectly.  I wrapped trainer’s in the shoe paper and the sausage dog paper even matches his card and it was totally unplanned!  I … Continue reading Awesome Wrapping Paper

Face swap live app

I have officially found the best app! The face swap live app has taken fun to a whole new level and be prepared for some seriously funny, scary and dodgy pictures! Swap faces with a friend, celebrity or photo in real time or record a video for a real giggle! I can’t believe how realistic … Continue reading Face swap live app

Mother’s day gift ideas

This year for mother’s day I’ve made my mum a personalised gift hamper filled with healthy snacks! Like me my mum has a very sweet tooth and loves everything bad for you and she asked me the other to think of snacks she can eat which aren’t too naughty.  Little did she know I was actually … Continue reading Mother’s day gift ideas

Handy Interview Tips

Apparently i’m the small percentage of people that actually like job interviews…i mean of course I get a little nervous but I see it as such a fantastic time to promote yourself and when do you ever have an opportunity to sit down, blow your own trumpet and really shout about yourself? As you may know … Continue reading Handy Interview Tips

Suffering with memory loss

I’ve always considered myself to have quite a good memory and quite often the one to remind others about birthdays, events or just things that need to be done but recently thats all changed!  The reason why I’m writing this post so late on a Tuesday is because if i go to do it at … Continue reading Suffering with memory loss