The Most Perfect 3 Days In Brighton

Words cannot describe the feelings I have when I am in Brighton. When I arrive and get to my hotel I am overwhelmed with happiness but also feel a great deal of loneliness.  It is the place that I depend on to make me a happier, calmer person and detox of the stress and worries that have built up since the last time I visited.  I feel like my trips always have a lot to live up to and I fear incase it no longer gives me the sense of wellbeing that I so crave for.

My main plan for this visit was to take the train to Lewes, something I have wanted to do for a long time, rent a bike to cycle along the seafront, spend time reading my book and have fish and chips by the sea. Sometimes having a plan is a scary thing as you never know quite how your trip is going to go and you don’t want to disappoint yourself but this time I was determined to tick those things off my list.

Looking back now I feel Brighton did it’s job, in-fact I had a fricking excellent time. I loved it. Every single moment. Spending over 2 hours in cafes getting lost in my book, taking in the fresh sea air, browsing around the shops, buying a cool ice drink, and feeling empowered to be confident enough to go to a busy coffee shop and restaurants alone.  I feel like Brighton has been good to me again and as I drive home I worry if those stresses I escaped from will return when so I put on The Greatest Showman soundtrack and sing at the top of my lungs.

And today is Saturday.

I feel sad to be back home and face the realities of every day life but today I have spent the majority of the time sat in a gardening centre cafe pretending to still be away editing my latest video and writing this. I am going to try my best to ‘get out’ more at the weekends however I am realistic that sometimes lifes anxieties can get in the way but we have the power and strength to choose our happiness.

Until next time Brighton.





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