Snow, Puzzles & Snowman Cakepops

Afternoon! How are you all? I am currently writing this laying on my bed with a blanket over me trying to keep warm.

Before I get started I feel like I need to address last weeks snow and I think we are all on the same page by saying it’s pretty to look at but a complete inconvenience. Back in October I booked two nights away in Brighton 10th-12th Dec and on the night of 9th it decided to snow…a lot. Undeterred I woke up at 6:30am (ON A SUNDAY), left at 7:00am and was back home by 7:10am having realised the reality that I was going nowhere. I can’t tell you how gutted I was as I haven’t been to Brighton for so long, haven’t stayed over in even longer and now had to face the shops in my local town to do my Christmas shopping instead. After a bit of a sulk and the feeling that ‘i’m over it’ I got on with the next couple of days and now I have officially completed my shopping…I think. Am I the only one who knows I have brought enough and spent a good fortune but still feel like the presents aren’t good enough?!

Anyway fast forward to yesterday I popped on my Christmas jumper for national Christmas Jumper Day (a new one complete with bells) and today I started a puzzle – Something I always feel the need to do around Christmas time. It took me 30 minutes to separate the pieces into colours and find the edges then I got distracted by cheese, crackers and hummus.  After a second go at putting the edges together I then got bored and wished I had gone for the 500 piece puzzle instead of the 1000 piece.  What can I say I am ambitious.

So far this weekend I have also tried Twinpeaks which is Poundlands version of Toblerone. Now as a massive fan of Toblerone I had very high hopes but disappointed to say it just tastes like cheap chocolate to me 😦 However that hasn’t stopped me from opening my second bar. Chocolate monster. Can you believe people are selling the chocolate bar for £15 on eBay? Crazy!

Anyway short and sweet today, call it a blog check in, I am off to have a third attempt at the puzzle and catch up a few vlogs which I have missed lately. Have a lovely weekend!

If you prefer to listen to me record the above please click below

PS. New youtube video – Snowman Cakepops

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