Until next time Brighton

If you’ve been following my blog or youtube channel for a while you will know that I love Brighton. Ive been checking hotel prices for months and it’s just been too expensive for me so you can imagine the joy when two weeks ago I saw that a room for the night was only £44 which was half the price they have been! As I’ve stayed at the hotel before returning visitors get 10% off so it came to £36! Amazing! What’s more amazing is the date it was cheaper was the exact date I had booked off months ago! It was definitely meant to be.

The journey down was great as always and I arrived around 1pm which was a little too early to check into my hotel so straight away I headed to the beach to breathe in some fresh air and listen to the waves (my favourite thing to do there). Considering it was only 1pm it was absolutely beautiful. Breathtaking in fact. The sea was so calm, the sun was poking through the clouds and it was so mild. I instantly fell back in love with Brighton, for me I feel like everytime I visit it’s my home.  I feel like it’s where I belong and I have to thank youtube for that. If I didn’t watch Alfie Deyes and Zoe Suggs vlogs I would have never discovered the beauty of Brighton.  I did visit years ago when we looked around the university for my sister but I don’t really remember anything as I was around 15/16 and it was more of a family trip.  Travelling to Brighton feels me with calm, happiness and it’s a cleanse that I need but it also feels me with sadness because I always tend to visit when I need to escape, relax and forget everything so it’s a mix of emotions for me. Writing this now makes me sad and I wish I could teleport myself back to Brighton, win the lottery and read my book by the sea everyday.

Visiting this time served a little bit of a purpose as I still needed to finish my Christmas shopping so I had a mission to fulfil and it is safe to say I entered the door back home tonight with around 6 bags of shopping, in fact there were bags in bags. Brighton has every shop you can imagine and I definitely know my way around it now.  My favourite is the North Laines as the shops have a vintage vibe and you can find lots of unique gifts – i’m actually quite annoyed I forgot to go back for one gift I was going to buy!

As I wasn’t too hungry yet I decided to pop to Infinity Foods where I brought the most gorgeous mince pie and vegan Pizza which was delish! After my snack I popped into Iydea which I had seen in Alfie’s and Sean’s vlogs as I was thirsty and fancied a peak inside as there are so many great places to discover in Brighton I never know which one to choose.  It all looked pretty delicious and I opted for a berry smoothie – a little pricy but i’m up for the occasional treat.  As my smoothie was being made I browsed around the cafe and had a nosey at peoples plates to see what they were eating.  As I was being nosey I looked up and it only turned out I was looking at Poppy and Seans plates! If there was an emoji to describe my face it would be this 😮 I was so surprised and shocked I literally went ‘Oh, Hi, I didn’t see you there, sorry, Hi’ I cringed inside.  They both said hi and Sean asked how I was then I turned back around.  I was desperate for a picture but they were with a friend and all eating so I did not want to intrude. Everyone needs their privacy but I was secretly gutted I didn’t ask.  Walking out with a smile on my face I knew fate had made me book two days off on the exact days the hotel was cheaper and now it took me to the cafe Sean and Poppy were. The smoothie was delicious by the way.

As it approached time to check in at the hotel I googled what time in Brighton the sunset as I thought this would be beautiful to watch and luckily it was only 20 minutes away.  I rushed down to the beach and it couldn’t be anymore perfect.  The birds were getting ready to nest for the night over the old pier and it was almost as if they were dancing in the sky.  Flying back and forth in the same pattern there must have been over a hundred. I filmed a time-lapse on my phone to look back on and it was just perfect.  There were a couple of people taking pictures of the sunset but when it eventually set it was just me enjoying the view.

After enjoying the sunset I grabbed my bag from the car and checked in to my hotel room. This time I was lucky enough to be given a re-decorated room and instead of a single bed it was more of a 3/4 one which was lovely.  The Kings Hotel may not always have been the most glamorous but for me it has everything and more importantly the bed is so so comfy.  The only issue this time was that the heating was on so high I woke up a few times and had to wedge the window open with a tissue box but apart from that it was a perfect stay!

After I had unpacked (unzipped my bag) I headed back into town to do a big more shopping and  I carried on shopping until my stomach started to grumble.  I knew exactly where I was going for dinner! Tortilla! It’s tradition! Everytime I visit Brighton I buy a burrito however this time  I decided to push the boat out and go for a bowl version – basically a burrito without the wrap. It was sooooooo delicious and I even got free guacamole (Shhh the lady didn’t notice it under the mountain of cheese, lettuce, pulled pork, black beans and salsa) I also ordered a naughty Fanta although only had a few sips and sat in my usual place at the window. I was gutted that I forgot my book to read in Brighton so instead I people watched and went on social media – I hated that I check social media when I was in Brighton but you check it without realising most of the time.

Belly full I wondered back to the hotel but made a quick stop for snacks incase my sweet tooth would appear in the evening. It did.

After doing 17,399 steps and covering 6 miles I got into bed, watched youtube and had a great sleep.

The next morning I woke up before my alarm mainly due to the creaking floor above me, god knows why they were walking around at 6.30am, it certainly was a little annoying but I drifted to and from sleep until getting up just before 8am. I headed down to breakfast and ordered two poached eggs, bacon and I toasted some bread to have with it then headed back upstairs to let it go down a little. My plan before coming to Brighton was to run along the pier in the morning before I checked out – hence why I went to breakfast early. I was already in my running gear but felt nervous as I normally do before a run but gave myself a pep talk and went outside. Before I ran I made a trip to the car to drop my shopping bags off as I knew I wouldn’t be able to carry everything in one trip when I checked out.

My run in one word was an ACHIEVEMENT. Ive been running for a couple of months now and really struggled to get over the 5k mark but something about running along the seafront gave me an incredible strength. I ended up running 10k. Double what I could run previously. And to be honest I think I could have ran more. I wasn’t worn out after the 10k but my knees were starting to get sore and check out time was approaching so I decided to round my run off to 10k. I am so so proud of myself for running 10k. I wish I could run the same route I did today a couple of times a week. It just doesn’t compare to where I run at home. I mean it’s pretty where I run but there’s just something special about running next to the sea. After feeling like I wanted to high five everyone I could see I quickly headed back to the hotel to shower and get changed where I discovered my carpark cardboard ticket had turned into a floppy piece of worn paper as id left it in my back pocket whilst running – what a plonker. I dried it with the hairdryer and prayed it wouldn’t effect its use! Check out complete I walked to the car to drop off my bag and yep I was right, the scanner which lets you into the carpark wouldn’t recognise the barcode but luckily someone let me in and I put the worry of not being able to pay later on at the back of my mind.

After discovering Infinity Foods amazing mince pies the day before I wanted to pop back to buy some for my mum and dad before leaving and have a last browse around and of course fuel my body with food after my run! I wasn’t sure where to eat and remembered I wanted to visit Hove during this trip so thought i’d save myself for a little coffee shop so had a little google and thought ah 15 minute walk that’s not far. It turned out that was 15 minutes by car not foot and I had completely forgot that I had ran 10K in the morning.  Well on that walk to Hove I can’t tell you how many times I fell over my own feet. My legs, feet and back were slowly giving up on me, a tear almost developed too but Hove has some beautiful cafes and flower shops so i’m glad I visited however I then headed back to the town centre to eat instead and by the time I got back I could barely walk, especially downhill. I decided to go back to Iydea and got a takeaway of some kind of wrap filled with potato, indian spices and a random bit of peanut butter (wasn’t keen on that bit) and two sides which was homemade coleslaw and beetroot/mint couscous..oh and a dollop of hummus!  Another tradition of mine is to buy lunch and eat it on the beach so I did just that.  After eating I laid back and shut my eyes for a moment to take in my surroundings plus eating it hard work.

As time ticked on I knew I shouldn’t leave it too much longer until I needed to head back so I took one final walk along the beach watching the sun start to set and said my goodbyes until next time. Luckily my carpark ticket worked fine in the machine too which was a relief. The journey home was a long one. 4 hours to be exact as the M25 is never my friend but now as I write this i’m laid on my bed with a blanket wrapped around me with my laptop on my lap as I was two days ago feeling like Brighton was a distant memory. A wonderful memory but it doesn’t seem like just a couple of hours ago I was there.  Tomorrow I will have the joy of viewing the footage on my camera that I filmed to edit into a vlog to look back on which will make me miss it even more. I wanted to step away from my camera in Brighton, one because it’s my time to chill and two because I’ve filmed vlogs in Brighton before so there’s not much more to show but three i’m glad I did film a few bits so I can remember my time there. Brighton you were just perfect. Until next time.





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