Suffering with memory loss

I’ve always considered myself to have quite a good memory and quite often the one to remind others about birthdays, events or just things that need to be done but recently thats all changed!  The reason why I’m writing this post so late on a Tuesday is because if i go to do it at another date I will probably forget!  I may seem like i’m making it into a bit of a joke but on a personal note.. i’m actually quite worried.

I mentioned in a recent vlog that things at the moment for me are just ridiculously busy and as a result of that it has really started to affect my memory.  I try to be a positive person and motivate people around me but recently it’s been getting me down.  I find it incredibly hard to switch off and to just sit down and relax and I’ve always been like that but I feel myself getting worse and going a little stir crazy and very stressed. I always have to be doing something or have a project on the go for example during the week I work 9am-5pm, on my breaks I’m checking social media, analysing my states from my youtube, then as soon as I get home I wash up my tupperware from my lunch, cook my lunch for the next day then catch up with social media which involves seeing how my youtube channel and blog is doing, networking with others on Twitter, promoting my channel, researching current topics, check my Facebook/instagram/twitter and then Monday I go to body pump, Tuesday body attack, Wednesday no classes, Thursday body combat then body attack, Friday body pump and Saturday body combat.

When I get home from my classes I shower, finish off my prepping my lunch or dinner, check social media again, catch up with other peoples vlogs/videos, edit or film videos for my own channel then watch tv until 11/12ish then I go to sleep…. I say go to sleep when really my brain is still ticking and it takes me forever.  And then the routine starts again the next day.  Some weeks I meet friends for dinner but I can always feel myself nodding off at the table, not because I’m bored but because I’m exhausted.  I sit there aware I must look incredibly bored but I really can’t help the feeling of wanting to curl up in bed to rest. Although I have found if I meet them straight from work I can stay awake a little longer then meeting them later in the evening!

I know what you’re thinking ‘Stop doing exercise classes’ while it may sound like the smart thing to do I love my classes, they keep me moving, socialising and it’s only 1 hour out my day which goes so quick. Plus if I didn’t go to them my brain would still be ticking away filming/planning/editing videos or on social media so I guess my classes allow me to have a break from being on my laptop.  Plus it’s great to punch or kick out some stress I’ve built up during the day. When I spend 8 hours everyday stuck behind a desk my body is craving to move but please be assured if I am shattered then I do make the decision not to go some nights, I always do listen to my body and never force myself in going plus I’m nursing a little shoulder injury at the moment.

So back to my memory…or lack of. I’m getting to the stage where I go down stairs and I can’t remember why I’m there, I keep having the same conversations with people, standing in Morrisons and not having a clue what I was going to buy (although I did eventually remember earlier), forgetting jobs that people ask me to do…and so on. Even just writing this has reminded me that I still haven’t filled out a form my mum asked me to do weeks ago! These might sound like common things to forget but it’s not like me to forget these things and this is only a small list of the things I’m experiencing!

Among the things mentioned above I think part of my memory loss is due to starting a new job 5 weeks ago.  I’m now working in recruitment until end of February on a contract and I’m having to learn so many job roles, timescales, dates, salaries and search for candidates to name a few things and it’s slowly eating away at my brain.

So how am I going to improve my memory? This is something I’ve been thinking about recently and I think one of the first steps I’m going to take is to read more.  I love reading and I have so many books on my shelf that I really want to read but always choose to pick up my laptop instead.  Making this small change will hopefully slow my head down a little and even allow my brain to switch off a little more before i go to bed as they say you should never watch TV right before you go to bed.  I could even set myself a timer for 30-40minutes to ensure I read my book for a certain time instead of putting it down to pick up my laptop.

The second thing I’m going to do is to organise myself better at work.  It has been difficult as i’m still learning the role but the more i’m learning the more I’m understanding how best to organise myself for example creating folders on my computer to keep CV’s separate into roles, write clear to do lists (which I’ve always been a fan of), not give myself too bigger targets and realise I can only do so much and accept that some days will be better than others.

The third thing i’m going to do is to go back to writing a schedule for my youtube channel. I used to write out videos I had planned, organise when to film and edit them and decide when they are going to go live.  I don’t think I can scale down promoting on social media/networking or watching videos or at least not at the moment but planning them more should help me.

The forth thing is to get some more fresh air at the weekend.  Instead of confining myself to my room all weekend I need to go on walks and bike rides to clear my head.

Finally write out a plan for my week.  For example ‘Monday – fill out form for mum, Tuesday – change bedding, Wednesday – tidy wardrobe’ and so on.  I am quite good at planning my meals and try to buy things that are quick, healthy and try to prep in advance as much as I can which is really helping me.

So that’s my initial plan. Lets see how it goes. Fingers crossed it will work and although it may sound like a big list of things I want to start doing to improve my memory I will be taking one step at a time 🙂


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