Is Big Brother Fake?

During the live stream of Big Brother last night viewers were left a little confused as it appeared a constructed scene was being filmed for entertainment which has left everyone asking is it fake?

Housemates were seen getting into bed saying night to each other as they settle down followed by Big Brother saying ‘Night Housemates’ to which they reply good night…all seems perfectly normal right? Shortly after the lights come back on and Ricky is heard saying ‘great take guys, great take.’ and they all jump back out of bed again! Big brother suggests housemates get an early night as it’s a long day tomorrow and then suddenly the auto is cut..all very strange!..Did big brother realise they mucked it up with it being live on Channel 5?

This is a familiar scene which we see every year on the final night and it always sends a shiver down my spine as the series is almost over and the winner is soon to be announced but I guess we didn’t realise before that it is highly unlikely for all housemates to be in bed at the same time so of course they have to stage this!

My Twitter has been full of speculation today and you’d be pretty naive to not realise big brother is constructed but it makes you think how much of what we are watching is real and how much is set up.  When we saw Samantha’s interview this week she mentioned an incident which happened with her and Bear that failed to be screened which showed him in a bad light.  I am very aware they pretty much know who they want in the final and they can influence the public by what they show each night and over the years editing has become more extreme but I still watch it.  I am one of those people who love to hate Big Brother.  I watch it because 1) there’s not a lot else on, 2) it’s easy watching and 3) because i’m interested in people.  Although I don’t think it’s great for me to watch it right before bed as it’s winds me up I have never missed a series! I think as long as you have an open mind, realise producers decide what parts your going to see, sections may be constructed and contestants are more than likely instructed how to act by their management you can just take it for what it is!

What are your thoughts?

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