DIY Tissue Paper Garland

This paper garland is cheap and easy to make and brightens up any room!

You will need:
8 pieces of orange, blue, pink and silver tissue paper (or any colour you like!)

*Take two pieces of tissue paper together
*Fold twice ensuring the folder edge is at the top and open end at the bottom right
*Cut 2cm strands leaving 1cm at the top
*Lay out your paper and cut in the middle separating into two pieces and pop one to the side
*Use your hands/fingers to separate the strands and lay flat on the surface
*Gently roll your tissue paper along the fold untangling any strands as you go
*Twist in the centre
*Fold into two and use your finger to create a hook and twist
*Secure with sellotape
*Thread your tassels along a piece of string/ribbon and hang in your chosen place!

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