Butt & Abs Workout

Are you ready for an insane butt and ab routine that will make them ache?? Let’s get started! Put on your favourite song and get fit with me!

20 lunges
20 jumping jacks with floor tap
20 toe taps
20 alternating superman
20 shoulder taps
20 donkey kicks left and right leg
40 mountain climbers
20 hip thrusts
20 crunches
10 leg raises
20 second side plank – each side
10 knee to elbow crunch – either side

Please note I am not a qualified fitness expert and these are just exercises I do when trying to tone my abs that I wanted to share with you. I may not be 100% in the correct positions however I am always learning. It is important to do a warm up before any exercise. Some of the exercises have been speeded up to ensure the video is not too long for you to watch. Ensure every movement is completed in a controlled manner keeping your stomach in. It is important to keep your back straight when doing exercises like shoulder taps and mountain climbs and no knees over toes when doing a lunge.

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