What would you do with 6 months off?

If you were suddenly told you could have six months off how would you spend it?  As you may know in October I was told that I was being made redundant pretty much with immediate effect due to the company closing which was a shock.  I always knew my role as an offer analyst may be at risk in the new year which was the risk I took when moving over from the customer service team in March/April and I knew if the company didn’t improve it could close but in my head I thought this may be a couple of years away.

So all of a sudden I went from sitting in a meeting discussing what the new merchant portal would look like to redundant four hours later.  No longer working with a great team of people anymore was the most upsetting but then having to go through the recruitment process again was something I really didn’t want to do.  I knew the role I was in wasn’t going to be my main career and I still wished to work in the media or events industry but it was a great stepping stone and I learnt a hell of a lot.

As part of the redundancy T&C we weren’t allowed really to work until a certain date or we would loose certain benefits of the redundancy and I quite quickly decided that I was going to take the whole of the 6 months off as presented as I thought when in my life is this going to happen again! And the title of ‘lady of leisure’ really appealed to me.

So I started my 6 months off like most would with lie ins and watching all of the programmes that I had recorded and not had time to watch and at one point I even started to take afternoon naps which I soon talked myself out of! I also went shopping quite a lot but I also took up extra exercise classes such as abs & butts which allowed me to socialise with new people and taught me some new exercise moves which I can tell have made a different to my body.  I also went to the gym during the day and got confident using the weights which have previously terrified me.  I got over my shyness of being the only girl in the weight section and really started to enjoy the gym so much that it became my playground and I didn’t want to leave some days!

The best thing to come out of my redundancy was starting my youtube channel!  Something I have thought about doing for so long after watching youtubers for years.  I was extremely lucky to have time in the day to visit places to vlog and to really put a lot of effort in.  Having the taste of being a full-time youtuber has confirmed that it is what I want to be doing and I just need to cross my fingers that if I continue to work hard maybe one day it will come true!

As it was approaching the 5 month mark I started to panic that I wouldn’t be able to find a new job as I had been uploading my CV online and applying to a few jobs but I either never heard back or received calls about roles which didn’t interest me.  Out of the blue I received a call from a lady from an agency who I had met exactly a year ago when I was looking at changing roles who called to say she had an exciting role which she thought I was perfect for.  A company were looking for a research and project coordinator and long story short I got the job.

Suddenly the realisation of going back to work became real and I felt sad that it was all about to change and I wouldn’t have the time I had to create videos for my youtube channel but felt ready to go back to work.  I also cherished how lucky I had been to be in position I had been.

Before I started my role I had booked to go to Brighton and it was a massive highlight of my time off and a place which I fell in love with.  When I got home I felt like I had been on a retreat as I was so calm and happy and I’m already trying to decide when to return to my happy place!

And now here I am, back to full time work.  I’m finding it hard being stuck behind a desk all day in a small office looking out of the window remembering all of the freedom I had but trying to make most of the weekends and the new role I have.  As I look back at the time I had off I can say that I enjoyed every moment.  People asked me if I was bored assuming that I was but I loved every second and there isn’t one thing that I look back on and wished that I did.  One friend from work went travelling around the world for six months and I often asked myself if it’s something that I would have wanted to do but I feel that my time will come to explore the world, right now isn’t the time for me, at the moment I am working on becoming a happier person who is trying to lead a more positive outlook on life one day at a time.

If you had six months off how would you spend it?


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