What’s made you smile today?

I wanted to share with you three things that made me smile today!

As I mentioned in my vlog yesterday my redundancy leave has come to an end and i’m ready to re-enter the working world even if it is a little daunting! I had a meeting to attend in London today as part of my new role as a research and project co-ordinator so had to get up super early which is already a huge change!

Once on the train I flicked through social media and arrived by 9.30am ready to suss out which tube I needed to get to Moorgate.  Luckily it didn’t take too long and I arrived two hours early.  In my mind I thought I would get there an hour early to sit in Costa to buy a drink, breakfast and read my book then arrive an hour before at the venue before the event started – little did I know it wasn’t necessary to arrive an hour early for this particular event but still it was nice to arrive first.  When I got off the tube I found the building that I needed but just to be sure I popped in reception to double check, the man on reception refused to tell me if it was the correct building and it wasn’t until I practically begged him and explained if it wasn’t the right building I needed to work out where I needed to be he finally confirmed it was but I left feeling a bit deflated!

As soon as I left the building and headed to Costa I passed the first thing that made me smile today.  A lad, probably around the same age as me, was singing at the top of his voice wearing headphones as he walked along the street – possibly on his way to work.  I genuinely don’t think he realised how loud he was singing but he looked so happy, calm and content with a spring in his step it really made me smile and I instantly forgot the awkward man on reception who I had just met.  Because the street was pretty busy I couldn’t quite hear what he was singing as we only walked past each other quickly but I would have loved to of stopped him to ask where he was on his way too and if he always listens to his music!

As I drank my tea and ate my crumpets in Costa the hour past quickly as I was engrossed in my book (Giovanna Fletcher – You’re the One that I want) so I made my way to the venue.  As I wondered down the street with a few butterflies in my stomach some postcards with positive quotes caught my eye outside of a shop however I carried on walking.  Stopping to think for a second I instantly regretted walking past them, as you know I’m a sucker for a positive quote, so I retraced my steps and selected the quotes which meant the most to me.  As i’m redecorating my room at the moment i’m sure I can find the perfect place for them or maybe I will take a few to work for my new desk!

When the meeting was over I quickly headed for the underground as I was eager to go to my body pump class tonight and luckily a train back to Northampton was due to leave in 10 minutes so the timing was perfect!  I worked my way through the carriages visiting the toilet on the way – which wasn’t the most pleasant experience as public toilets never are and I tried to find a spare seat.  I like to face the way the train is travelling due to sometimes feeling a bit travel sick and possibly somewhere which isn’t too crowded so choose to sit next to two young boys.  I wasn’t sure if I was making the correct decision in doing so as I had hoped to carry on reading my book but the seats were pretty limited.

As the train made it’s way back to Northampton I noticed the boys were taking it in turns to play on a tablet, politely talking to each other and talking to their dad who was sat opposite.  Of course they did have the occasional bicker as siblings do which their dad gently reminded them they were on a train and the tablet flinged out of their hands hitting me on my legs but accidents happen.  As the journey went on I was becoming more and more pleased I had chosen to sit next to the young boys and as the train pulled up to Northampton and the doors opened I decided to tell the boys dad how much of a pleasure it was to sit next to them and how well behaved they were.  I could tell during the journey he was conscious for the boys to remain quiet throughout the journey and they really were a credit to him.  I felt like it was important to tell him what I thought and hoped that it made him smile.  He replied to thank me and said that sometimes it was a struggle and I could hear him passing the message on to the boys as I left the train.  Doing this not only made the dad smile it made me feel like I had done something nice.

What’s made you smile today?


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