Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This year for mother’s day I’ve made my mum a personalised gift hamper filled with healthy snacks! Like me my mum has a very sweet tooth and loves everything bad for you and she asked me the other to think of snacks she can eat which aren’t too naughty.  Little did she know I was actually in the process of making this box of treats for her!

Like, anything of course, these treats contain sugar and fat but they’re a healthier alternative as the fat comes from nuts instead of chocolate!  This week I also discovered a fantastic blog called The Healthy Maven  filled with amazing healthy recipes so I brought a lovely note book from Home Sense to fill with delicious clean eating recipes for her.  As the snacks in the box can be pretty pricey making your own treats tend to be much more reasonable for your money and I think you enjoy them more when you’ve worked hard to make them!

The black and white ‘My favourite things’ box was a little treasure from Homesense and I purchased the super cute card from Paperchase along with the ‘Today you will be amazing’ mug.

Mother’s day gift ideas
Afternoon tea
Treat her to dinner
Make your own tokens – washing up token, make dinner once a week, breakfast in bed,  cup of tea everyday for a week
Cinema Voucher
Photo album of pictures of you and your mum over the years
Make your own CD with her favourite songs
Bake her a cake
Hamper of her favourite bath/beauty products
Photo frame of you and your mum
Make her some jewellery
Personalised notebook with her name on it

mothers day 3mothers day 1IMG_6662mothers day 4

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