How to get motivated to work out

If you watched yesterday’s vlog you’ll see I was in two minds whether to go to my evening exercise class and in the end i’m really please I did.  Below are a few of my top tips to keep you motivated:

  • Get changed into your gym gear – trust me once you get those lycra pants on you’ll feel a burst of energy!
  • Put your favourites songs on – I find playing my favourite songs immediately lifts my mood and creates a positive and energised feeling.  If there’s a favourite track you like during your fitness class then find it on youtube and dance away, you’ll suddenly feel the urge to want to go to your class/gym.
  • Put some makeup on – I’m not talking about a full face of makeup and fake lashes but I tend to put some powder and mascara on before every session as if I look good then I feel good and as a result I will work harder.  Of course everyone has their own option about wearing makeup to the gym but it works for me.
  • Plan your workout – If it’s the gym you’re off to right yourself a list of exercises that you want to complete to ensure you are focussed.  There are brilliant apps and online workouts to follow which helps you focus on what you want to achieve.
  • Take a friend – Why not make your session a social one too?  Of course you need to make sure you don’t spend the whole time talking but taking a friend will motivate you.  Take it in turns to do 10-20 reps on a machine each then swap over, act as a support and set realistic goals for each other.
  • Create a super awesome playlist – Download songs that are going to find your inner work out beast mode if you’re heading to the gym to get you pumped and reaching your potential!  Spotify have some brilliant workout playlists!
  • It’s an hour out of your day – Think of how good you will feel after your session.  It will go so quick and before you know it you’ll be home, showered and in your PJS! If you don’t go you’ll be sitting there regretting it instead of celebrating you got up and did it!
  • Reward yourself – Treat yourself to your favourite healthy snack for when you’ve finished your session!

Need more motivation to go gym…..?

  • Go gym clothes shopping – When I purchase new gym clothes I get so excited to wear them and they will spur you on giving you the motivation you need.  H&M has some fantastic gym gear at the moment and at the gym you can be as loud as you want with your clothes!  The brighter the better I think!
  • Buy a new pair of trainers – For me when I am getting to the stage where I need to change my workout routine then I treat myself to a new pair of trainers to spur me on but to also reward myself for the effort I am putting in.  MandMdirect are one of the more reasonable online sites that I have found and they regularly have great offers.  It’s important to make sure you buy the right trainers for your feet for example as I have dodgy knees I know I need trainers with support or I will cause myself an injury.  If you’re not sure I would suggest visiting a professional running shop who will be able to guide you!
  • Follow fitness Guru’s – There are some fantastic fitness and health guru’s on Instagram such as Clean Eating Alice who share their fitness journeys and are so motivating.  NEVER look and compare yourself to celebrities in the magazines as a lot of the time their ‘bikini bodies’ have been photoshopped!

How do you motivate yourself?


2 thoughts on “How to get motivated to work out

  1. EmilyAskew says:

    Thanks for asking! At the moment I have a lot of Jess Glynne songs on my playlist as I love her album and they’re upbeat and motivating, Rudimental, Years & Years…even a bit of One Direction, Labyrinth, Paramore, T.I, 30 seconds to mars…a real mixture!!

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