Be brave and try something new this week

I’m one of those people who always choose the ‘safe option’ especially when it comes to food.  When i’m out I always pick the same thing I know I will like as there’s nothing more disappointing then regretting your choice and not liking it or getting food envy from someone else.  This weekend I challenged myself to try something new.  On Friday night I went to our usual restaurant and instead of ordering the safe grilled chicken and chips option I went for the pulled lamb wrap…and I even ordered a side of coleslaw (It was a bit steep at £3.50 but thought i’d treat myself).  I was a little unsure when I tried my first mouthful as i’m not actually a huge fan of lamb…I know that sounds silly as I just ordered it.  However on my second, third and forth bite I suddenly realised how amazing it tasted..especially with the coleslaw!

On Saturday we visited our favourite fruit smoothie shake shop and instead of ordering the usual ‘number 6’ which consists of raspberries, banana, orange juice, honey and probiotic yogurt I went for one which had strawberries, blueberries, orange juice and probiotic yogurt and I actually enjoyed it more than my original favourite!

Although these two things may be small changes it feels rewarding to try new things and on both occasions I found new food and drinks that was not aware of!

Have you tried something new lately?

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 22.55.31

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