Chanel eyebrow sculpting eyebrow pencil review

When you meet someone for the first time what’s the first thing you notice?  Shoes, eyes or their smile?  For me it’s eyebrows!  I love a good pair of defined eyebrows.  I’m not talking about big slugs or eyebrows that have been plucked so much they only have three hairs each side…I mean carefully sculpted with an eyebrow pencil and powder.

My hunt for the perfect eyebrow pencil came when visiting John Lewis and speaking to a lady on the makeup counter.  If you’ve never asked someone to do your makeup on a counter before I would definitely recommend it.  If you’re enquiring about foundation however, I would suggest walking around the shops and outside in the daylight before purchasing.   On one occasion I thought the  shade selected for me looked great in the shop, so I brought the product, then as I was walking around the shops after I caught myself in another mirror and I looked like a yellow ghost so take your time and do your research too!

So I sat down and explained to the makeup lady that I wanted a product which was easy too use, wasn’t too pricy and that defined my eyebrows but enough so they still looked natural and was the same shade as my eyebrows.  She understood my vision perfectly and as soon as I saw my perfectly formed brows in the mirror I was sold!

The eyebrow pencil comes with two ends, one for combing the brows at the beginning which ensures they are perfectly groomed and the other contains the soft textured pencil.

Unlike others the pencils iv’e tried it is extremely soft and is designed to enhance the original shape of the brow for everyday make up.  If you’re wanting a bolder style, for example in the evening, then all you do is apply more pressure and gently go over your eyebrows until you have reached the desired result.

I would highly recommend this product and you can see from the below picture the results when using the product just on one eyebrow!

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 16.55.32

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 16.48.44

Purchase the pencil here

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