The dad gift guide

With my dads birthday just two weeks after Christmas it’s always quite tricky to think of ideas of what to get him which isn’t either a book or dvd (Although these are always a good safe option).  I thought i’d share the presents I purchased this year and have included the links below!

My dad absolutely loves cooking and right now he is really into making his own food from scratch.  Most mornings I wake up to the smell of freshly made bread and I can’t help cut myself a tiny slither – just to make sure it tastes ok of course!  I noticed he doesn’t have a proper tool for scraping and cutting the bread dough so I purchased the Duo Bake 2 in 1 baking preparation tool from Joseph Joseph, Lakeland.

Lakeland has so many fantastic ‘make your own’ kits and I was particularly drawn to the bacon cure and Lincolnshire sausage mix which I thought were a pretty reasonable price!  On the back of the packet it recommends using either a sausage making machine or piping bags so I went with the second (cheaper) choice!  Of course you need to purchase the meat as well but these will be two fun activities and you get a real sense of achievement making food from scratch.  I recently went to a bbq where the host had made their own sausages and they were so delicious so I hope my dad enjoys creating these tasty treats!

If i’m looking for a quirky gift then I always pop into John Lewis as it never fails to disappoint! My eyes were immediately drawn to a ‘Lid Sit’ which at £10 is quite pricey but such a cool and handy gadget!  If you’re cooking potatoes or veg and need to lift the lid off a little you simply pop Sid on the edge of your pan and he balances the lid perfectly! Iv’e also seen Mr Fred who is a quirky tea strainer!  I think this is a great present for not only birthday but a secret santa!

dad gift

Lastly if you haven’t heard of the Ladybird books for adults you’re missing out! These are extremely popular at the moment focussing on modern day problems using humour.  There are eight books in the series and are written by Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris, the writers of the BBC comedy show Miranda.







Lid Sid £10.00


Ladybird books for adults £6.99

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