I LOVE big hair! A couple of years ago my sister brought me some Lauren’s Way sleep in rollers and they are amazing! As soon as I have dried my hair I put them in securing with hair grips and then blast them with the hairdryer and a light cover of hairspray. They are ok-ish to sleep in as they’re foam so compress however, it is still pretty uncomfortable.

When I wake up in the morning I slowly unravel them and twist the hair around my fingers as I take them out and then comb my fingers through my hair until i’m happy with the end result. Lastly I finish by spraying it with hairspray to hold it in place!

If you’re looking for that instant boost there’s no need to keep them in over night, just wash your hair in the morning or at lunchtime, pop them in, blast them with the hairdryer a couple of times through the day and hairspray. Unravel a couple of hours later, obviously the results are not as great but they still give you lots of volume and bounce! In my opinion the results were better when I had long hair but i’m still impressed!

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 22.02.03

The light pink ones in the picture are by Lauren’s Way however I’m not sure they are for sale anymore but you can also purchase a 12 pack from Primark for £1 which are a lot cheaper!

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