First fitness class of 2016

This morning it was a real struggle to get out of bed for my body combat class.  I turned my alarm off and thought to myself ill take the easy option and close my eyes and stay lovely and warm curled up in my duvet and snuggled back into my pillow.

15 minutes before my class started (still in bed) I suddenly jumped out of bed, told myself to get a grip and rushed down stairs to eat and change into my gym clothes.  Moments like I had this morning are frequent but you just need to think to yourself nothing bad can happen from attending a class…you get fitter, gain more energy and it’s a great social thing!

After being away for Christmas it had been a while since my last combat class and of course it was hard to get back into it but it’s one hour out of your day and you always feel great after it!…Plus I got to wear my new leggings!!

The new Les Mills routines get realised on Monday 4th January so I look forward to doing the new combat, attack and pump!


Today I also ordered a brand new camera and i can’t wait for it to arrive.  I researched and went for the Canon G7x…it cost quite a lot of money but I used some of the money I received for Christmas towards it and I still had my work bonus from last year which I hadn’t spent.

Todays question in my Q&A a day book was ‘Can people change?’.  I personally don’t think people can change.  I think people can adapt how they do, see or think things but deep down I think they go back to old habits.  I think it is wrong to try and change people as you should embrace them but I think you can deffinetly guide them along the way.  What do you think?  I wonder if I will think the same by the end of the five years!


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