Weymouth & Dorchester

This year we spent the Christmas period in Dorset as we fancied doing something different.  We stayed in a cottage in-between Weymouth and Dorchester in the idillic countryside overlooking The Hardy Monument and spent the whole week visiting both towns and my budgie Louie even came along for the trip…he wasn’t too keen on the bumpy country roads!

Both Weymouth and Dorchester have lovely town centres which we enjoyed walking around which was perfect for a little last minute Christmas shopping and we even managed to purchase everything we needed to cook a Christmas dinner down there due to car space and for convenience.

Described as a town for all seasons if you fancy fish and chips by the seaside I would recommend visiting Lyme Regis.  With it’s beautiful stoney beaches and views I enjoyed looking for fossils and a cheeky go on the 2p machines in the arcade!

One of my favourite things we did over Christmas was to build gingerbread houses!  I managed to purchase three ‘do it yourself’ flat pack houses from Morrisons for just £5 which was fantastic and they included the gingerbread, icing and decorations, unfortunately one of the sides had broken so was a little fragile when we made the house but it still tasted great! After pairing up in two’s to complete the challenge me and my sister won the competition for the best looking house!!

Find this to do in Weymouth here

Visit Dorchester here


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