Tiny changes make a big difference

At the start of the year I wanted to make a list of things I wanted to achieve this year.  I didn’t want it to be things like ‘give up chocolate’ or ‘read more’ because I say that every year and it never happens, this year I want to do something for myself, achieve something and create personal goals that give something back to the community.
When I went to write my list I struggled  to think of anything and decided that I was going to do things that made me feel good as they happen.  For example a couple of weeks ago a man dressed up as a superhero was giving out bands for http://www.giveasmileuk.co.uk normally being always in a rush I wouldn’t stop but that day I gave him a pound for a bracelet. This made me feel incredibly happy and I was helping a great cause. Tiny changes make big differences.

At the moment I am organising an Easter Egg Appeal where I am collecting eggs to donate to the Children’s ward at Northampton General Hospital. Tonight I posted leaflets through people’s doors advertising it and my local library are acting as a drop off point. I can’t wait to see the children’s faces. At first I started collecting eggs at work but then thought why not go big, why not involve the whole community! I love organising and coming up with ideas to help others!I’ll update my blog to let everyone know

imagehow many eggs imageare donated! I’m really hope everyone gets involved but even if I ended up with 10 Easter Eggs that will be absolutely fantastic and of course I will be buying lots of chocolate eggs for the children.   I will be spending the next few nights posting leaflets around the rest of the community and of course it’s lovely enjoying the fresh air!

Another thing I am determined to do this year is improve my fitness and try new things! So far I’ve been to fitness Bootcamp which was tough but very rewarding. It consisted of running, sit-ups, planks, press ups, lifting tyres….you name it, we did it!
Tomorrow I am attending my first Body Combat class, I’m a little scarred but having signed back up to the gym but stamina is improving so I’m quite excited!

I’m really excited to discover other things I’m going to be doing this year for great causes and I’ll update my blog as and when they happen 🙂

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