“Keep going and don’t wait for anybody to do what you think is right”

Well, after saying I would update my blog on a regular basis I have failed. It has been 5 months since I last wrote a blog entry and I would like to say a lot of things have changed in my life but it is pretty much the same.

Once big change is that we lost Monty our gorgeous Westie. He made it to 17 which is pretty amazing for a little dog. We miss him a lot but have some lovely memories to cherish. I miss harry our other dog a lot who was Montys son and it was so horrible to see him so poorly but glad they are reunited again 😀

I have also started a new job which is going well. Met some new people, learnt some new skills which is always good for the brain and I am also able to buy a few more treats for myself.

I heard a brilliant quote last week at work which gives me the confidence to go ahead and do what I believe is right.

Keep going and don’t wait for anybody to do what you think is right

Quite often I have good ideas which I hold back from doing because either I’m waiting for someone to tell me yes or no or because I don’t have the confidence to believe in myself. From this point forward I am not going to wait for someone to tell me what to do I am going to do what I think is right! And if I have any doubts then I will keep reading the quote above again and again until it boosts my confidence and reassures me I am doing the right thing.

My Cake Pop business is going well, I have received a number of orders and have a few coming up which is exciting. I took part in a Greener Northampton Fair a few months ago which I enjoyed and was thrilled that my Cake Pops sold out. In fact there was a fight for the last one! I also sold some Sock Monkeys which I made. They also sold out so all in all I was pretty chuffed. Id like to do some more fairs but now the weather is getting warmer it is tricky as they are coated in chocolate so id worry they would melt. Nothing is more attractive then a melted cake pop aye!

I have been reading a book lately which is something I haven’t had the time to do for a long time – Tell a little lie…I have had the time but id rather relax by watching television. When I try to read my book after work or in the bath I tend to fall asleep so instead I found some time to read it at work. ‘My Best Friends Girl’ by Dorothy Koomson captured me from the first page. Long story short the two main characters,Kamryn Matika and Adele Brannon, used to be best friends until Adele slept with with Kamryn’s fiancée and had a baby named Tegan. When Kamryn found out it was the end of their friendship and she vowed not to speak to her again until two years later Kamryn received a letter from Adele to say she was dying and she needed Kamryn to adopt her child. Kam cared for Adele’s daughter Tegan and suddenly her ex and Tegans dad, Nate, came back into their lives…ill leave the short review there in case anyone is interested in reading it! It really is a great story and lives up to the rest of the books Dorothy has written.

I was looking through my old blog posts and saw I wrote about last years Big Brother Launch Show. I am watching it this year and have to say I’m not thrilled by the contestants but it does not stop me from watching it.

I guess I have to mention the world cup? England’s match against Italy was tense on Saturday (not that I watched it – Facebook and twitter told me the score the following day) but I wasn’t too fussed who who won as I have Italy in the sweep stake at work :p

Over and out for now… better get on with some work. Promise ill write more regularly.

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