Converse Cake

A couple of weeks ago I decided to push my creative cake baking skills up another level by attempting to make a converse cake!! As you can see from the results below it turned out pretty well! The proportions are slightly off and it is not as perfect as it could have been but I am so thrilled!

The hardest part was deciding how much mixture I needed to make and cutting it into shape but you just have to be brave! I ended up baking three cakes in a loaf tin and once they were cooled down I piled them on top of each other to create a converse shape. If you cut the edges off the cake you end up with a better result! I had a unworn pair of converse which I used as my guide for cutting.


Once the cake was cut to the right shape I covered it in butter cream – this held the cake together and created a smooth base for the icing. I would have loved to added jam but it would have been sliding all over the place. If I make one again I will try to add jam for extra moisture. I then put the cake in the freezer for around 20 minutes to set…this makes it easier to add the icing! Be careful when you lift it as it is so heavy!


I was so excited to be making the cake I forgot to take pictures of the making process (I have a few on my ipod which I need to upload)

I used baking paper to create stencils of the tongue, sides, white edge etc but found the cake was bigger then a converse shoe so I added a bit onto the stencil I had cut out. I then cut the piece of icing out with a pizza cutter for a smooth edge. I mixed icing sugar and water together to act as a glue. Be careful not to cut your icing too thin or it will rip when you lift it (I found this out a few times!) Also you need about 3 lots of red icing – I ran out half way through and had to dash to the store!

For the laces I cut small strips pf white icing and just followed the pattern from looking at a pair of converse. For the long laces I cut a strip of white icing and stuck it to the shoe, if you let it fall freely it looks more like laces. If you are transporting the cake in a car I suggest putting the long laces on the day you take the cake because I did it the day before and they dried hard which meant they broke at the smallest movement!

Below is the final result!!


There are a number of tutorials online to follow – you will see they add all kinds of detail but I did not have the equipment to do so. For the Converse Logo I printed it on paper, stuck it to some icing and then used icing and water to stick it on to the shoe. Make sure you tell everyone not to eat it!

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