Extreme Couponing

This week while I was off work due to not being very well I discovered a new programme! Extreme Couponing on Channel TLC is a programme like no other! These women are insane and it is unbelievable to see how much time, dedication, planning and stress they go through but after watching the programme I would say the results are well worth it!…And of course as you might have already guessed…they are American!

For those who do not know what couponing involves it is an activity that combines shopping skills with couponing in an attempt to save as much money as possible while accumulating the most food. These women spend hours searching through magazines and online for money off coupons and even have friends who donate their vouchers to them. Once they have found the coupons they store them in a large file which is kept organised and ready for their big shopping trip. Even their shopping lists are well organised, often on spread sheets, so they know exactly what they are buying, what coupons they are using and how many items they can buy with their coupons to ensure they get the most from them!

Once planned and coupons in hand they make their way to the supermarket (Or grocery store) you begin to see how the women’s minds work like a calculator. They can see how much an items is on sale for and can work out how much she is saving within seconds.
She also picked up 42 bottles of washing up liquid, 55 bars of hand soap and 100 packets of instant noodles just to name a few!


Once they have finished their shopping and have at least 4 trolleys full of food, they make their way to the till. You can read the checkout assistants mind as she sees the women with their trolleys approaching! As the items are being scanned the women begin to get nervous as they see the totals building as it is not until the end that their coupons are scanned. They start to worry if their army style planning will pay off and if the coupons will be accepted. On the first episode I watched one of the women’s shopping total came $1,300 after the coupons were scanned the total came down to an incredible -$0.30 meaning the supermarket actually had to pay her $0.30!!

You might be thinking but where do they keep all their supplies? They have a specially designed room called a stockpile which looks more like their own supermarket! Shelves neatly arrange like their shopping list and full up to the top. One woman who started couponing to save her family business had a stockpile worth more than $35,000! It was good to see many of the women donate a few of their items to local charities for example a women brought a ridiculous amount of cat food even though she didn’t have a cat so she donate it all! I was surprised to hear her say she rang the supermarket before hand to order in boxes of cat food to ensure there were enough for all of her vouchers!



So, as you probably guess last night I spent my evening searching the internet for coupons. To my disappointment my search was not as successful as I hoped. I found one website http://www.supersavvyme.co.uk/tag/coupon which had some coupons on but they weren’t really things that I would buy or needed at this moment in time. I did find a 50p off coupon for Kingsmeal bread and it said the items were on sale at the moment for 50p which meant you could get them for free but when you go to print the voucher the page would not load – typical! Still, the website was a good find and I will keep an eye on it regularly for any more coupons.


Another website I found was http://www.latestfreestuff.co.uk/ which listed a number of offers and items you could receive free to your door. Of course there is always a catch and you have to sign up to their website to receive the freebie. I took the chance and signed up thinking I could always unsubscribe if I get bombarded with emails but look forward to tea bags, face creams and more products arriving through my letterbox in the next few weeks! I also signed up to a few offers such as get 10 free business cards for moo.com which is great for me because I often make Cake Pops and looking to start a mini business in the next few months. I also signed up to get a Bite card which enables you to receive discount at food places at railway stations and Taste Card were offering 1 months free trial so I signed up to that too. You can receive up to 50% off at participating restaurants with the card so I thought why not! The only annoying thing is you can’t use the card on Fridays and the weekend – as I said before there is always a catch!

All in all my evening of coupon/offer browsing wasn’t too bad and I will be keeping my eyes open for some more deals and of course, will be continuing to watch Extreme Coupon!

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