Comedy Club!

Tuesday 6th August
Last night I attend my very first comedy night at The Picturedrome in Northampton and it was absolutely fantastic! I love watching stand up comedy on television and heard about The Picturedromes comedy nights so thought it was the perfect opportunity and at £10 a ticket you can’t go wrong!


The Picturedrome is one of the town’s premier live entertainment spots and has a strong commitment to celebrating and showcasing music. The last time I was at the Picturedrome I was prancing on stage competing for Miss Northampton Football Club …the less said about that the better! To view up and coming events at The Picturedrome click here

As we arrived the venue was fairly busy, we made our way to the bar, brought a drink and picked up our tickets! Drink in hand we wondered into the main room to be greeted by very friendly staff. I have heard many stories about people who have sat on the front row so as we made our way to the seated area we decided to sit about 4 rows back and to the side in the hope we would not get picked on. (Secretly didn’t mind if we did).


The evening began at 9pm with comedian and MC Andrew Ryan taking to the stage! From the moment he began talking he had us laughing and he made it look so easy! I have always said comedians have one of the hardest jobs in the world and I take my hat off to them for having the confidence and guts to stand in front of an audience! Andrew picked on some couples in the audience and asked them a number of questions how they met, asked each other out, how long they had been together etc. Andrew put a poor lad on the spot who had been dating his girlfriend for a couple of months by asking him if he loved her – You could see him slowly sinking into his seat and avoided answering the question! Andrew bravely asked if one of the women sitting in the second row was pregnant, to everyone’s relief she was which then lead on to a number of jokes and stories! I had a flashback to the time I asked if someone was pregnant…to my horror she wasn’t … After that moment I have never asked anyone since. After embarrassing just about everyone on the front row Andrew introduced Jen Brister to the stage!


Born in London Jen Brister told the tales of what it is like to have a Spanish mother who can’t pronounce her own sons name due to her accent, how your friends become completely obsessed with their own children and a wild night she had to celebrate her birthday along with hilarious facial expressions. She had a fantastic stage presents and involved members of audience in her jokes.


After Jen’s time in the spot light came to an end Andrew returned to the stage to announce the show would continue after a short break. I could hear everyone around me saying how much they were enjoying the show and the venue.

The second part of the show began with Andrew picking on more people in the audience. This time more people were braving the front row and a few more seats had filled up! Three men were targeted immediately who said they had previously been standing at the back. Andrew asked how they knew each other to which the older man replied the man on his left was his son and the man on his right “he thinks is his son” – cue the joke! “Think”!? Andrew questioned. I think the men were quickly regretting their decision to move to the front row however, they provided some great laughs for the audience! Andrew made many references to Davina Mcalls Long Lost Families and his own family which went down a storm and before we knew it he welcomed the last comedian to the stage – Jarred Christmas.

Originally from New Zealand Jarred Christmas brought so much energy and laugher to the stage. I immediately recognised him from the television and remembered he was known for mixing his gags with storytelling which I love when watching comedy. He told us stories of getting stung on his private parts by a jelly fish, his extreme love of playing monopoly and how to win at the game, how July should be renamed Dave due to April, May and June being girls name, how his daughter wanted to call a cat Tony, how much fun you can have with a car fob and more hilarious stories.


It is so hard to remember what all three comedians spoke about as you are laughing so much and it is difficult to explain their jokes in the fantastic way they did! It is one of those moments where you really have to be there! I would highly recommend everyone to attend The Picturedromes comedy night but to also follow and support Andrew Ryan, Jen Brister and Jarred Christmas. I will definitely be booking my ticket to September’s event and maybe I might even make it on to the front row in the future!

Follow the stars of the show on Twitter!


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