Big Brother 2013 Launch!

Last night saw the brand new series of Big Brother kick off with a bang!! I absolutely love Big Brother because I am interested in people and it is easy viewing and have to say I am hooked already!

This year Emma Willis is presenting the main show replacing Brian Dowling which has been a fantastic move! Emma is a natural and from reading the Twitter comments last night everyone agrees she did a fantastic job! Big Brothers bit of the side is now being presented by Xfactors Rylan and presenter AJ Odudu with the input of Emma which immediately follows the Channel 5 show.

So who are the house mates and are they as crazy as normal? – My answer is no, well…so far they seem pretty ‘normal’

In no particular order the house mates are :

Identical twins Jack and Joe Glenny immediately won over the public with their cheeky bubbly personalities and describe themselves as being “Funny, friendly and we’re fat” I have high hopes for the 18 year old boys who will hopefully bring lots of entertainment to the show and looking forward to seeing Jacks party trick of putting spoons under is mobs and holding them there! – I just hope he washes them after!

2 26 year old tattoo, model and firer breather Sallie Axl who was previously in the paper after being spotted with Towies Tom Pearce (I knew I recognised her!) I think she also looks like Towies Lauren Pope! Sallie claims to have slept with over 70 girls as well as various celebrities and footballers! Sallie has already shown her argumentative side after shouting at one of the house mates so it will be interesting to see what she is like as a house mate!

3 Dental Nurse Sophie Lawrence was one of my favourites to enter the house. She described herself as sometimes being a daddies girl and has a “Gypsy Gangster” Granddad so I think she will have some stories to tell! She seems very genuine and could be an early favourite to win. I think she will either be loved by everyone or get on everyone’s nerves and find herself struggling to make friends. – One to watch!

4 41 year old Jemima Slade runs her own matching website called (I wonder how many people will be signing up now!) and describes herself as a gold digger and cougar. I think she will start a lot of arguments in the house. She has an eye for younger men so it will be interesting to see how she acts around them. She says she is looking for love and not afraid of doing anything in the house!

5 Born with 70-80% hearing loss cheeky 23 year old Sam Evans is another one of my favourites. He says he has never had a girlfriend and wants to be a role model to deaf kids who are too ashamed to wear their hearing aids. Sam said he is going to miss his mother who does a lot for him and I think he will be a great house mate! I predict he will have a very sensitive side and there may be a few teams but the public will love him. (Winner??)

6 The arrogant contestant of the year goes to Celebrity publicist Dexter Koh. The 28 year old says he was one of the highest paid male escorts, paparazzi, strip club manager and celeb PR and describes his love life as complicated. Personally I think he is going to be very argumentative especially with Sallie and I am interested to see how he and Jemima get along! I hope he will tell all about the life he leads and I am sure the house mates would like to know too!

7 Callum Knell is a primary school sports coach who says he once had a fling with a mother and a daughter (separately) which earned him some “man points”. I did not warm to him at all, I think he came across to arrogant which will not go down well with the public. I predict he will be the first house mate to leave. He says people in the house will get annoyed by his “very good looks” as all of the attention will be on him.

8 Another one of my favourite house mates is self acclaimed “fish lover” Wolfy Millington. She has a passion for fishing which apparently borders on the erotic and has a tattoo of the first mackerel she ever caught. She lives with her girlfriend of four years and seems like a really genuine person. She had me laughing straight away and I hope she will be very entertaining. I also suspect she will have a bit of a temper but we will wait and see!

9 As a special twist this year, which was revealed last night, actor Michael has been placed in the house as ‘The People’s Puppet. He does not have house mate status and will be causing mischief and chaos throughout his time in the house. He will be set secret tasks decided by the viewers and Big Brother which should be very entertaining. Whilst watching his audition video I immediately tweeted he was my favourite which quickly changed when Emma revealed his true identity!

What happened next?

After the contestants entered the house Big Brother asked for one of the contestants to come to the diary room – already instructed by Big Brother actor Michael ran straight to the diary room! He was asked to decide if he wanted to save his suitcase which would result in the other contestants having theirs shredded by an industrial shredder or he could save the house mates suitcases but his own would be destroyed. Of course, being an actor, he chose to save his own which immediately caused model Sallie to lose her temper! After he returned from the diary room the house mates made their way to the garden to watch their suitcases get shredded. I noticed the work men who were lifting the suitcases into the shredder made it look no problem which made me think the suitcases were empty which was later confirmed by Emma!

As the show came to a close Emma said another 6 contestants will be entering the show soon which I am sure will add more drama!

Over the years Big Brother has received a lot of criticism often receiving negative press due to the extrovert contestants and format and I understand it is not to everyone’s taste but I have never missed a series! I am so excited for this year and look forward to what secrets and lies Big Brother has up his sleeve!

**Update – 6 more contestants enter the house**

26 Year old Charlie forms the very first mum / daughter partnership in the BB House, Charlie is bossy, stubborn and very often complex. She has a love / hate relationship with her mum Jackie, who is also going into the House

Jackie-Travers-Square Mother to Charlie Jackie thinks her best personality traits are that she is fun, honest, flamboyant, sensitive and compassionate. She says her worst personality trait is that she doesn’t always listen to what people have to say.

Hazel O’Sullivan is an Irish-born model who VIP circles in Dublin and often manages to get herself snapped with celebrities. She isn’t afraid to manipulate people tries to get what she wants.

Socialite Gina recently lived in The Savoy for six months fully paid by her parents. She now lives in a house in Kings Cross. She once appeared in a tabloid newspaper as “the most spoilt girl in the country”.

Daley-Ojuederie-Square Daley is a professional middleweight boxer. He and his younger brother were put into foster care when he was two. The most important person in Daley’s life is his brother because they have “been through everything together and have come out stronger”.

Hunky gay police officer Dan describes himself as an all or nothing person. “There’s generally no in-between with me”. He came out when he was 23 and currently lives in Essex with his boyfriend.

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