Total weekly spend update.

After working out how much I spend on a weekly basis last Saturday this week I made it my mission to cut my spending down! Every time I went to a supermarket I made sure I was only buying what I needed and kept saying to myself ‘Do I really need this?’

Yesterday I signed on to my online banking and added up what I had spent. The total came to £90 which I was still disappointed at but it was much better than the £258 I spent the following week! I spent £20 on petrol, £20 on a present and the rest still went on food and other things! I went to Milton Keynes yesterday and went to buy leggings and a top but when I got to the till I realised I had left my card at home which is annoying but I guess it saved me some money. This week I will continue to be careful what I spend and will update next Monday with how I do.

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