End of an era for More Magazine!

I was sad to read today that More Magazine will be ceasing publication. Bauer Media Group reported that continuing challenging economic conditions meant that the product was no longer viable.

Launched in 1988 and then again in 2002 as a lifestyle magazine for young women it was a magazine that I used to buy and read on a weekly basis when I was younger. My favourite part of the magazine was always ‘Men overheard’ which was a page dedicated to men’s silly comments such as:-

Man 1 “Do you know what a Brothel is?”
Man 2 – “It’s a type of soup isn’t it”

With most of the daily gossip and news online it is a constant struggle for magazines to compete. I must admit I have not brought a magazine for a long time because I just check online papers instead. I found because I check the papers everyday if I brought a magazine I had already seen and read all of the content the week before online!

What was your favourite part of More Magazine? Will you be buying the last issue?

The last edition will be published on Tuesday, 23 April 2013. Read the official statement here http://www.moremagazine.co.uk/

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