Broadchurch – The wait is finally over!

It’s had every one talking and tonight after 8 long weeks of being glued to the TV every Monday 9-10pm the wait was over to find out who killed Danny Latimer!! Did you get it right? I certainly didn’t, in fact, I couldn’t even make a guess as to who it was!


For anyone who hasn’t been watching Broadchurch first of all WHY NOT WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! Secondly I am going to give you the brief storyline to persuade you to watch it on ITV player! – Don’t worry it is not until the last paragraph of this post I say who killed Danny so I won’t spoil it for you!

In a nutshell the storyline involved a family discovering that their son, Danny Latimer, had been murdered. Straight away heads were turning as to who might have been involved and each week new characters became under suspicion. With everyone as a suspect from the father, father’s work colleague to the detectives son, vicar, old man and a lady who lived in a caravan (Pauline Quirke) each had their own very interesting past and secrets.

Doctor Who star David Tennant played detective Alec Hardy who had previously been involved with a major murder trial, in which the suspect was released free of charge after DNA evidence was found to have been tampered which caused great doubt over his ability of solving the case. The other detective, Ellie Miller, played by Olivia Colman, had a close connection with the victims family and even more so when her son Tom became a suspect. These two characters worked fantastic together and quite often disagreed on their views and how the case should be handled.

Each episode was so compelling and left you with wanting more! It is not often that I watch a drama because it takes dedication to watch it each week and to keep up with what is happening but I am so glad I watched Broadchurch. I now have an empty gap in my life on Monday nights and after reading in the paper earlier that there might be a second series it cannot come soon enough!

So who killed Danny Latimer?

It was finally revealed detective Ellie Millers husband Joe killed Danny Latimer during an argument! Joe had developed feelings for Danny but after Danny threatened to leave and tell everyone he ended up strangling Danny against a wall. As Joe Miller realised what he had done he quickly put the body in a boat to take to the beach which is when Pauline Quirk saw him running away after dumping the body. As he went back to clean the beach house he spotted Danny Latimer’s father Mark kissing Becca who worked in the hotel. Before going back to his house he dumped the clothes he was wearing in the wheelie bin outside Detective Ellie’s sisters house.

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