How much do you spend?

Have you ever sat down and worked out how much you spend in a week?

Yesterday I decided to sign onto my online banking and take the time to add up how much I am spending and oh I wish I hadn’t!! I was so shocked to discover the results and it really opened my eyes.

During the week 8th April – 14th April I spent £198.31 and between 1st March – 7th April I spent £258.21! What on earth on I hear you ask? I’m asking myself the same question!

From looking at the transactions and I can see Tesco repeating a number of times! I tend to go food shopping every few days to buy a few bits and bobs rather than do one big shop to last me. I seem to be spending around £15 each visit and although I have always thought I was quiet cautions with my money, and always look for bargains/offers, I am so surprised how much it adds up! I hate spending money on, for example, sandwiches that cost £2.50 when it is much cheaper to make one at home but when you’re in a rush it is more convenient to buy one. I have noticed I tend to buy ‘options’ for example if I can’t decide what to have for dinner I will buy a pizza and some chicken so I can decide later in the day. In my head I think I will have the other dinner but then I end up buying something else the next time.

I have also recently come to the realisation I have no room in my wardrobe for another other items of clothes. With my draws bulging I really have no room for anything else and I do actually have everything I need just getting my mind to understand that is another matter.

Doing this exercise has really been an eye opener. It is so easy to just hand over your card at the till and not think about the money going out. I know if I had £258.21 in my purse one week so I could physically see it there is no way I would have spent that much.

My plan for this week is to think ahead, plan my dinners and lunches and ask myself ‘Do you really need to buy this?’!

I would be interested to hear how much everyone else spends during one week. I am very lucky I still live at home so I do save a lot of but £258 sounds like a shocking amount to me.

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