Sunny Sunday!

What a beautiful sunny day!! It makes such a change to wake up to the sun shining and immediately puts you in a good mood.


I began my ‘lazy Sunday’ by getting my supply of celebrity gossip by scrolling through the Daily Mail! Things I have learnt – Christine Bleakley and Frank Lampard are ‘postponing their wedding for the foreseeable future’ due to the uncertainty of his career, Charlotte Church preformed at Londons G-A-Y club in a green dress and Kerry Katona got engaged again – I’m sure you all agree I could have spent my time more wisely!


After filling my brain with pointless celebrity gossip (secretly love it!) I watched last night’s Britain’s Got Talent! (Horary for sky plus!) How amazing were the Attraction shadow theatre company – for those who didn’t watch the programme they create shapes behind a curtain with their bodies to tell a story (It was much better and impressive than I have just described it – see the video below!) These are the type of contestants that I love on the show, although, they were from Hungary so it could be argued should they be allowed on a show called ‘Britain’s’ Got Talent?! Always a controversial argument – Id be interested in what you think.

Another fantastic act was comedian Jack Caroll.

Next on the list was to make some Oat cookies! They are super easy and quick especially if your stomach is grumbling! I have recently brought a Cake Pop machine and have been experimenting with sweet and savoury recipes. I will be putting pictures of the results up in the next few days.
My plan for the rest of the day is to search for some more production jobs and find some more industry experts on Twitter.


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