‘Until February’ by Zoey Peace

Today I came across a fantastic blog written by Zoey Peace.  Her blog ‘Until February’ documents her day to day life and strength coping while her boyfriend is serving his country in Camp Bastion, Afghanistan.  She describes it as to ‘Keep my Soldier smiling with my crazy, strange daily life on my blog. This is me VS 6 months without you’.

She is also the proud creator of the twitter hash tag #smilecampbastion which encourages celebrities to take a picture of them with the hash tag to support the soldiers.  With pictures already from Presenter Dermot O’Leary, Radio One DJ Greg James and Richard Bacon the hastag is spreading fast.  Zoey has recently been invited by the BBC to talk about her blog and the hashtag and has featured in many newpapers such as The Mirror.

Zoeys blog has definitely captured my heart and sometimes close to tears as she describes when she started crying when ordering a coffee from Costa as she recalled the last time she had one was when her boyfriend surprised her with one but is also filled with witty humour.Read Zoeys daily blog here and help support #smilecampbastion www.untilfebruary.blogspot.co.uk


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